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Installing the GPL 1967 Formula 2 Mod

1. Run the installer. Ensure that the path for installation is correct. Vista and W7 users may have to run it as "administrator" and will probably have to reboot, even if it isn't a GPL requirement, sorry for that.

2. Launch Gpl.exe from your GPL install and create your F2 driver.

3. Start gem/carsets and activate "GPLF2" Make sure "GPLF2" physics are selected.

4. Select your 67F2 mod player and select "1967 Formula 2" for the player. Check that "carsF2" has been selected.

5. Exit Gem and a gplcf2.exe will be created.

In game, don't forget to select the Formula 2 level and adjust graphics, sounds and other features to your taste

Stefan Roess' excellent installation guide can be found here. Have fun!

The F2 Mod Team, December 2011
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